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About me


Hi, I'm Steve

A warm welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit my website.


My passion for photography started as a child from the influence of my late grandfather, Arthur. It was not until my adult years I started to take it more seriously than just a hobby. I am an energetic guy who loves to travel and soak up experiences and cultures. From watching the Formula 1 in Belgium through to travelling to the Philippines, a culture completely different from my own.

Photographing a broad range of subjects in the years gone by has taken me away to some jaw-dropping locations. Capturing the delicate detail of flora, the stunning unspoilt vistas of Iceland (yes I witnessed the astonishing Northern Lights!) and Norway, and the ultimate of capturing the character of people through an image. After continued positive feedback and support from friends, loved ones, and the wider community, it was time to take the leap!

As a young lad I was never one for staying in and parking myself in front of a television screen or games console. You would find me out in the open, climbing trees, playing football, tennis, and golf. Even though my best playing days are now behind me I still enjoy being active. Health and fitness is a way of life and contributes enormously to maintaining positive energy in the body and mind.

Spending quality time with family, loved ones, and friends are the most important aspects of my life, and my 2 cats Simba and Grace (Grace returned after being on a walkabout for 14 months)

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